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Welcome to the Quigley's Village DVD section!!! There are 22 Quigley's Village videos in DVD format.
  • 16 of the DVDs are in both English and Spanish
  • 3 are in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean
  • 6 are in English only
Over 2 million Quigley's Village programs have been sold. Quigley's Village programs are broadcast on television stations around the world.
"We would strongly recommend to anyone with special needs kids to consider using Quigley's Village as a teaching tool and the rest of the family will enjoy them."

- Becky and Roger Brown

"Quigley's Village is a delight. The values are solid and taught in a way that really gets through to kids."
- Josh McDowell, Author and International Speaker

"Every church should have Quigley's Village in the church library. I can't think of a better tool for building moral and spiritual values into you lives."

- Dr. Warren Wiersbe, Author and Bible teacher

"Quigley's Village is unique because it not only entertains children to offer a valuable moral lesson to be learned with each episode. I have used these videos at church, at our preschool and in my home and children everywhere love them."

- Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, MOPS program at Fellowship Bible Church North, Dallas

"We have a two year old and we are so blessed to be able to share these DVDs with her. They are truly a treasure and a great way of teaching little ones about God in a way that is easy for them to understand. May God continue to bless you and your ministry."
- Yemisi Adewunmi
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DVD 1: The Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Spaceship - Responsibility

The Quigley Village kids want to buy a Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Space Ship for their tree house, so they decide to have a lemonade sale to raise the money. But when Bubba breaks Mr. Quigleys's glass pitcher accidentally, the kids have to decide on the responsible thing to do. Three new songs including the "Lemonade Blues."

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 2: Spike and the Silly, Mixed-Up Sleepover - Listening

Spike learns the consequences of not listening to her dad. A deaf child and her teacher visit Mr. Quigley. Bubba and Danny learn a few words in sign language and how to listen without your ears. Dr. Caremore helps Milty understand how prayer is the way God listens to us. Mr. Quigley tells a story about how the disciples needed to listen better.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 3: The Great Treehouse Disaster - Cooperation

The kids venture into the project of building a tree house, but they each have their own idea on what it should be like. The building doesn't go well because the kids are not focused on the same goal. Out of the chaos Mr. Quigley and Dexter help the kids complete the tree house. The story of Nehemiah building the city wall with all the kids in costume and singing "Build It."

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 4: Quigley's Village Sing-Along

The Quigley's Village Sing-Along includes some of the favorite songs:

  • "I Just Want to Say Thank You"
  • "Together We'll Get the Job Done"
  • "It Isn't Really Fair"
  • "Look Away"
  • Bedtime Prayer
  • And many more!

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 5: A Christmas Story - Giving

In his hurry to get to rehearsal with a large stack of Christmas presents. Mr. Quigley, unknowingly, drops Danny's present. Danny thinks he is the only one not getting a present and feels hurt. Eventually Danny learns the value of giving and gives up his best present for the Baby Jesus. Meanwhile, Bubba and Spike have to restrain themselves from making the Baby Jesus more comfortable.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 6: Spike's Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine - Sharing

Danny, Spike and Bubba each enter a contest to win the Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine, and all promise to share it - no matter who wins. But when Spike wins, she decides to keep it for herself, balloons and all, and then has a very, very big sneeze. Through this story children will learn why we should share with others.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 7: The Wonder Kids' Colossal Cash Caper - Courage

Learning to be courageous is fun when Danny, Bubba and Spike imagine themselves as the Wonder Kids looking for adventure. On "assignment" from Mr. Quigley they find a money purse in the park and are faced with the dilemma of keeping it or giving it back.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 8: Bubba's Big Banana Cream Crime - Resisting Temptation

Everyone is tempted in one way or another, and Bubba can hardly resist one of his mom's fresh banana cream pies. Meanwhile, Danny is tempted to cheat when he can't think of anything to write for the poetry contest. But this story helps us to recognize that not everything that is tempting is good for us.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 9: Danny Buys a Blobit - Truth & Trust

Danny decides to buy a toy with the money Mr. Quigley gives him to buy party decorations. To cover his actions he has to lie and finally decides to bury the toy. Everything is going great until it rains and Danny's deception is found growing out of the ground. Children will see why we should always tell the truth.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 10: Lemon and the Kite Flying Catastrophe - Thankfulness

Lemon learns the importance of thankfulness when her doll is swept away during a windy day of kite flying. The gang tries to find Mrs. Toddy without success until she is found on top of a flag pole and only Bubba can save the day! Lemon learns how to be thankful to others, and Bubba learns to be thankful to God for making him just the way he is.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 11: Scary Sounds in the Campground - Overcoming Fear

In this episode, Mr. Quigley takes the guys camping and they have a wonderful time eating and telling stories until bedtime when Bubba hears strange noises. The noises get louder and Bubba's imagination runs
wild. Lemon helps comfort Bubba by giving him her prize possession, Mrs. Toddy, her doll. Bubba then feels more secure and is able to confront his fear and discover the culprit. Earlier in the day Lemon also was able to overcome her fear of going to see the doctor.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 12: Shakeups and Showdowns - Working Things Out

The Village wins an award for having the best playground. However, everyone wants to display the plaque in a different place and arguments ensue, but everyone learns to compromise. Meanwhile, Spike and Bubba can't agree on what color to paint the clubhouse sign, trouble arises. The case goes to trial and Judge Quigley shows the kids how to work things out.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 14: Trundle and the Big City Bungle - Forgiveness

After spending most of his life on Mr. Quigley’s porch, Trundle the Toucan tires of life in Quigley’s Village and unexpectedly flies off to discover the Big City - making sure that Mr. Quigley doesn’t know he is leaving. His dreams are shattered as he realizes the difficulty of caring for himself away from friends and family. He eventually returns to an unexpected homecoming.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 15: Spike and the Terrible Tripped-Up Tap Dance - Practice Makes Perfect

This the day for the Quigley’s Village talent show! Everyone is hard at work preparing their performances except Spike who is going to tap dance. She sees no point in practicing even though she has never tap danced before. The show is a big success for everyone except Spike who learns that tapping isn’t all it’s “cracked up” to be especially when you don’t prepare.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 16: Bubba and the Big Berry Belly Ache - Obedience

The great berry-picking expedition turns sour when Bubba is tempted by Lemon and Spike to eat the unripe green berries. They assure him the green berries are delicious even though Mr. Quigley has warned against eating them. Bubba chooses to obey and not eat the green berries and gets to enjoy one of Mr. Quigley’s great berry pies.

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 22: Making New Friends - Friendship

Spike and her family move into Quigley’s Village. Lemon goes by the house to see if she can peek at the new family and is scared when she sees Spike. Mr. Quigley helps Lemon and the other kids learn how to make new friends.

Our Price: $9.95