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Quigley's Village now offers products immediately through digital downloads. The products below are available for purchase through a download to your computer. In order to purchase, you must enter our Downloads Store and purchase directly from there for $6.95 each. You can enter the Downloads Store by clicking here, clicking the banner button above, or clicking the links listed in the individual product listings. When you purchase a download title you will be leaving the store so complete your product purchases before you leave the site to go to our Downloads store site.

For each product there are two download files available. One download is a .mov which is best utilized on a computer. The second download is a .mp4 file which is smaller and is designed for a smart phone or tablet. After you make a purchase you will receive an email with a link to both files. Then you can download them both to your computer.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: Call: 1-800-338-6040 or e-mail:

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Download 13: The Wacky Watermelon Break-In - Fairness

Spike, Danny, and Bubba let their imagination run wild as they become space farmers. All summer long they’ve tended to their “space garden” eagerly anticipating the harvest of a select, very large watermelon. As Mr. Quigley begins to slice open the watermelon, they are shocked and disappointed to discover someone has made a home out of their garden delight.

Download 14: Trundle and the Big City Bungle - Forgiveness

After spending most of his life on Mr. Quigley’s porch, Trundle the Toucan tires of life in Quigley’s Village and unexpectedly flies off to discover the Big City - making sure that Mr. Quigley doesn’t know he is leaving. His dreams are shattered as he realizes the difficulty of caring for himself away from friends and family. He eventually returns to an unexpected homecoming.

Download 15: Spike and the Terrible Tripped-Up Tap Dance - Practice Makes Perfect

This the day for the Quigley’s Village talent show! Everyone is hard at work preparing their performances except Spike who is going to tap dance. She sees no point in practicing even though she has never tap danced before. The show is a big success for everyone except Spike who learns that tapping isn’t all it’s “cracked up” to be especially when you don’t prepare.

Download 17: The Playground Popcorn Explosion - Patience

During costume dress-up day, Mr. Quigley promises popcorn to everyone at the playground. The kids become impatient when Mr. Quigley forgets the top of the popper and decide they can’t wait for his return. Before they know it, popcorn’s flying everywhere.