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DVD 3: The Great Treehouse Disaster - Cooperation

The kids venture into the project of building a tree house, but they each have their own idea on what it should be like. The building doesn't go well because the kids are not focused on the same goal. Out of the chaos Mr. Quigley and Dexter help the kids complete the tree house. The story of Nehemiah building the city wall with all the kids in costume and singing "Build It."

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 1: The Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Spaceship - Responsibility

The Quigley Village kids want to buy a Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Space Ship for their tree house, so they decide to have a lemonade sale to raise the money. But when Bubba breaks Mr. Quigleys's glass pitcher accidentally, the kids have to decide on the responsible thing to do. Three new songs including the "Lemonade Blues."

Our Price: $9.95
DVD 6: Spike's Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine - Sharing

Danny, Spike and Bubba each enter a contest to win the Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine, and all promise to share it - no matter who wins. But when Spike wins, she decides to keep it for herself, balloons and all, and then has a very, very big sneeze. Through this story children will learn why we should share with others.

Our Price: $9.95