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Welcome to Quigley's Village!
Quigley's Village is a delightful place where children learn Christian values. This award-winning series provides the very best in entertainment with important lessons to help children learn & grow.

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Quigley's Village programs are fun and entertaining for children 3-6, but they are also designed to help parents teach character values to their children. Each program is on a particular value, like telling the truth. Each program has a story that children can understand that is built around a value. Each program has a Bible story that relates to the value. The stories in the program are a wonderful discussion starter for Mom and Dad to talk with their children about a particular excellent aid in building godly character.

"Captivating and very entertaining. Young children know it is for them.
Conveys a strong sense of moral and spiritual values."

-Ben Carson, MD, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins University


Churches and Christian preschools started using the Quigley programs. To make it easier for churches to use we have developed three curriculum packages.

Each package includes:
  • DVD Content
  • CD with Lesson Plans
  • Activity Sheets
  • Parent Guides
For more information on curriculum, click HERE

"The children just love the videos. They fit so well in our character trait curriculum for children. I would recommend then to any home or preschool."
Mrs. Betty Hoyt, Director of Calvary Church Pre-school
Santa Ana, California

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Spike and the Terrible Tripped-Up Tap Dance Download Quigley's Village Church Time DVD Curriculum
Our Price: $59.00
Sale Price: $49.00
You save $10.00!
Vol. 15: Spike and the Terrible Tripped-Up Tap Dance -
Practice Makes Perfect

This the day for the Quigley’s Village talent show! Everyone is hard at work preparing their performances except Spike who is going to tap dance. She sees no point in practicing even though she has never tap danced before. The show is a big success for everyone except Spike who learns that tapping isn’t all it’s “cracked up” to be especially when you don’t prepare.
The Quigley's Village Church Time DVD Curriculum is designed for children in the 3-6 year old age group. Each lesson has five learning center options, activity sheets, a parent handout that explains how a child learns each value and two video segments, each less than 10 minutes in length.
Enjoy What You Have DVD The Playground Popcorn Explosion Download
Our Price: $9.95
Vol. 20: Enjoy What You Have - Contentment
It’s a rainy day in the Village and everyone is staying inside. Mr. Quigley and Trundle visit the children with their Rainy Day box full of fun activities to chase away the boredom. Molly and Dexter also come up with a way of staying dry and having fun as they wait for the storm to pass.
Vol. 17: The Playground Popcorn Explosion - Patience
During costume dress-up day, Mr. Quigley promises popcorn to everyone at the playground. The kids become impatient when Mr. Quigley forgets the top of the popper and decide they can’t wait for his return. Before they know it, popcorn’s flying everywhere.
Trundle and the Big City Bungle Download Making New Friends DVD
Our Price: $9.95
Vol. 14: Trundle and the Big City Bungle - Forgiveness
After spending most of his life on Mr. Quigley’s porch, Trundle the Toucan tires of life in Quigley’s Village and unexpectedly flies off to discover the Big City - making sure that Mr. Quigley doesn’t know he is leaving. His dreams are shattered as he realizes the difficulty of caring for himself away from friends and family. He eventurally returns to an unexpected homecoming.
Vol. 22: Making New Friends - Friendship
Spike and her family move into Quigley’s Village. Lemon goes by the house to see if she can peek at the new family and is scared when she sees Spike. Mr. Quigley helps Lemon and the other kids learn how to make new friends.

"Quigley's Village is a delight. The values are solid and taught in a way that really gets through to kids."
- Josh McDowell, Author and International Speaker

"Every church should have Quigley's Village in the church library. I can't think of a better tool for building moral and spiritual values into you lives."

- Dr. Warren Wiersbe, Author and Bible teacher

"Quigley's Village is unique because it not only entertains children to offer a valuable moral lesson to be learned with each episode. I have used these videos at church, at our preschool and in my home and children everywhere love them."
- Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, MOPS program at Fellowship Bible Church North, Dallas

"We would strongly recommend to anyone with special needs kids to consider using Quigley's Village as a teaching tool and the rest of the family will enjoy them."
- Becky and Roger Brown