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Letter From David Rodquist

Letter from David Rodquist
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Dear sir:

In June you sent us (The first Evangelical Free Church of Tucson, AZ) a Quigley curriculum set to be used and evaluated in a live classroom setting. In the year we have had the curriculum we used it in four different situations:
Setting #1: A 13 week period with 5 and 6 year old children on a Sunday morning…the hour following Sunday School. We had an average of 17 children in the class with 4 teacher/helpers

Setting #2: A 7 week period with 3 and 4 year old children on a Sunday evening. We had an average of 6 children and 2 adult workers.

Setting #3: This past spring the material was used for an eight week period during the Sunday morning hour after Sunday School. Here we had a combined class of 4 and 5 year olods. Average attendance was 35 children plus 7 adult workers. We used a rotating format with small groups at various stations for approx.. 15-20 minutes. The video and discussion station was always very popular and effective.

Setting #4: We often used the video as a supplement to Sunday School curriculoum in the areas of application and implementation of Bible truth.
Observations: The video segments were superb!
  • Biblically sound
  • Topical selections relevant to the target audience
  • Technically well done…good visual and audio quality
  • Staging was bright, yet simple…very adequate fort he age group
  • We found the story line well matched to the biblical text and the vocabulary to be at an appropriate level for the children.
  • Mr. Quigley was a warm and believable person which our children identified with easily
  • What we found worked best was to give each video a brief introduction…having children look for special things. Following the video was the most profitable time for us as we contextualized the video’s objective through guided conversation, questions/answer, and discussion at the children’s level.
The Summary Session Plan at the beginning of each lesson was extremely helpful in providing perspective and overview. Because we understood where the lesson was going, we had opportunity to customize the hour to our student needs, physical setting and gifts/abilities of our adult teaching staff.

Video Support Curriculum: Well laid out and activities easily understood (i.e. materials needed…preparation…process)

Conclusion: We really enjoyed Quigley’s Village…both children and adult workers. It enhanced our ability to creatively and effectively communicate the Word of God.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to review and critique the material. If you have further question, please do not hesitate to give me a call.


Dave Rodquist
Director of Training and Education

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