Quigley's Village
The Story Behind Quigley's Village

Quigley's Village was developed from the vision of several "dads" who were concerned about the erosion of values in our society. With preschool kids of their own, the motivation was strong to do something positive to give children an entertaining alternative to broadcast television ... and teach values.

The original core team of dads consisted of the owner of a video production company in Silicon Valley; a video director in Dallas; and a creative team in Houston that did street theater and music as part of a church planting ministry. Since the objective of the videos was to teach values, the dads assembled a team of experts to provide input on the content of all the videos. The team consisted of early childhood educators, Christian psychologists, preschool teachers, and some of the best experts of all, "moms." We asked them what they thought the most important values were to focus on and how best to communicate teaching about values. They also reviewed every script to make sure that kids age 2-7 could understand the concepts and the language.

The creative team then went to work. Original music was written and recorded for each episode. The puppets were made by puppet makers with extensive experience in broadcast puppetry working on Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock. The production crew were all top professionals with years of experience. Then we took it to the toughest audience of all: our preschool kids. They watched the tapes again and again-literally hundreds of times.

The result is a high quality award winning series that has been acclaimed by parents and educators as a series that not only entertains kids, but teaches them Biblical values. The videos are in use in thousands of churches, preschools, libraries, and tens of thousands of homes.

Portions of the series have been translated into Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. Portions of the series have also been broadcast on national TV and cable in the US, throughout South America,and into Russia and Kazakhstan.

Introduction to Quigley's Village

Quigley's Village Sample Clips

"Cooperation" - English Clip

"Cooperacion" - Spanish Clip